Parish Winter Weather Policy

If the weather is really bad on Sunday morning it is possible that we would have to cancel worship.  Conditions that might merit cancellation include freezing rain/ice, blizzards, or extremely cold weather.  If the Wisconsin Highway Patrol is advising no travel that means that the weather is serious enough to cancel worship.  Temperatures below minus thirty also would indicate that it would be better to stay home.  Any decision regarding cancellation of worship shall be made by the congregational president in consultation with the pastor.  Once the decision has been made the pastor or the president will call two local radio stations – WCOW, Cow 97.1 FM; and WVRQ, 1360 AM.  Effort will be made to post the cancellation on the Four-Point website and at  You can always call the Parish Office, 654-7798 if you want to be sure.

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